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Monday, May 3, 2010

Not Me Monday: Can I Blame it on the Kids?


I did not slide a plate full of chicken nuggets (complete with ketchup) down the kitchen table and did not watch as they slid off the end into David’s (age 10) lap. And I did not giggle.

I did not leave the laundry on the sofa. And Emma (age 1) did not pick up certain unmentionables and wear them like a hat around the house. And I definitely did not giggle.

My hubby did not let the kiddos stay up past their bedtime to watch an episode from the old Batman TV series on YouTube. The boys did not spend 20 minutes replaying a scene where 2 baddies (who are hiding in sarcophagi) shoot each other in the crossfire, then the sarcophagi fall down backwards, away from each other….and no, we did not all giggle about it.

These meme was created by MckMama…head over to My Charming Kids for more things people are NOT doing.

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