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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday’s Toolbox

Tuesday's Toolbox button

This week’s tool is…audio-books! There are probably very few homeschoolers out there who have never listened to an audiobook while in the car. All car trips, long or otherwise, are an opportunity for learning and a good audio-book can quickly quiet the rabble. But we tend to listen to our audio-books while eating lunch or doing handwriting or drawing…or even while tidying up. There’s no reason why you can’t feed the mind and the stomach at the same time. Or offer some diversion to make chores more enticing.

Of course, the local library has tons of great books on cd that are free for the borrowing, but if you’ve got an mp3 player, you’ll want to check out LibriVox, a free website where you can download free books from the public domain…and the great thing is that they were all recorded by volunteers, like you and me. How about turning a unique volunteer opportunity into a lesson in public speaking? It takes no special talent, just the ability to read aloud and the desire to make great books available to others. Find out more about volunteering for LibriVox here.

Tuesday's Toolbox is no longer a meme, but I'd still love it if you would share your common tools for uncommon learning in the comments.

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  1. No McLinky so am putting it here.
    Audiobooks are great for all ages-even mom and dad.

  2. Love Audio books! Listened to one yesterday FOR ME ;-)) Happy Spring!


    My little link on the subject ;-))

  4. Yes, we have used this form also, especially since the older ones were involved in home school sports and we traveled a LOT!
    I also use their mirrors...dry erase markers and put verses, poems, chores etc. Using the time while they are brushing their teeth...and then the teen years of fixing their hair. :)


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