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Friday, April 23, 2010

Review: Super Star Speech


Deborah Lott, homeschooling Mama and licensed Speech Language Pathologist, has designed a simple, easy to implement Speech Therapy program that you can use to help your child…even if you don’t have a Masters in Education/Speech Pathology (she does!).

Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple! (SSS) begins with a pictorial assessment test (perfect for pre-readers). You’ll test whether your child is forming consonant sounds correctly at the beginning, middle and end of words. An easy to follow chart is provided showing you the average ages at which particular consonant sounds are mastered, so you have an objective gauge for deciding whether your child’s speech is normal for their developmental level or in need of help. Forms are provided for designing your lesson plans based on your child’s individual needs. For each consonant sound, you’ll find a list of words (with the consonant in the beginning, middle and end), plus plenty of helps and activities for helping your child to master the sound. It is suggested that you finish each session with one of the games included.

Need even more help with certain difficult sounds? Or does you child only need help with, say /s/? Other, targeted books are also available:

  • Super Star R and L: Speech Therapy Made Simple
  • Super Star S, Z, and Sh: Speech Therapy Made Simple
  • Super Star Ch, J, and Th: Speech Therapy Made

I am trying SSS with 4-year-old Peter. Having been blessed with 2 kiddos who were speaking nearly perfectly by age 4, hubby and I struggle to understand what he is saying. Peter had a lot of fun completing the assessment.. It was like a game, trying to guess what the picture represented (with some of the hand-drawn pictures, it can be a bit difficult to know what the picture represents, for example, the “boy” could be a “man,” or a “guy”…or even a “master villain,” if you ask Peter). Fortunately, the word intended is printed under the picture, so the parent does not have to guess. We enjoyed this, and it was definitely not “test-like.”

The results were a little surprising, we found that Peter’s sounds were, for the most part, on target for his age, with only a few exceptions. He has difficulty with voiced consonants at the ends of words (“cob” sounds like “cop”).. The activities are simple and game-like, very easy to implement, and many of them you can do anywhere (we like to do things on the playground, or while going for a walk). And Deborah is quick to respond with suggestions by email if you contact her with questions or concerns.

Super Star Speech is a welcome addition to our homeschool.

Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple is available:

  • Ring-bound for $22.95
  • Spiral-bound for $18.95
  • e-book for $12.95

The targeted books are available:

  • Spiral-bound for $18.95 each
  • e-book for $12.95

Or get the complete set:

  • Ring-bound for $49.95
  • Spiral-bound for $38.95
  • e-books for $27

Disclosure: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received complementary copies of the complete Super Star Speech set in e-book form for review purposes. I received no compensation. My review reflects my honest opinion guided by personal experience. I am not a speech therapist and this is not an expert opinion.

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  1. This review was very helpful for me...thanks! My sixth child's speech isn't as articulate as the first five, even though he talks non-stop and I have been worried, he is also 4! We haven't had a little one in the house for 10 years and I think we had forgotten. I will check this program out.


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