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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Presenting a Professional Image

There are times when I don't get much respect around here. Maybe it has something to do with my faded jeans and the shirt with stains on it I'm wearing. Dressing slovenly certainly does nothing for my personal image. And if I come off like I don't care, why should the kiddos care?

A couple of weeks ago, I gave away an old sweatshirt I had. Simple gray with the word Whatever embroidered across the front. I had come to realize that on days I wore that sweatshirt, even to do grubby stuff, I just didn't feel up to the job. I'm not saying that we are what we wear. But what we wear can affect how we perceive ourselves. And what we wear can affect how others perceive us.

My friend, Mrs. White, at The Legacy of Home is conducting a little experiment. It's very simple, just dress up really nice in the morning before you teach your kids. Snap a photo. Post it. Let us know how it goes.