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Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

NotMeMondaySIDEBAR180x180Saturday I hit the last day of the sale at the grocery store and found some split chicken breasts marked down (their date was almost up) so I spent my Sunday afternoon cooking chicken and making chicken stock to freeze. It seemed a shame to do all that cooking and fill the house with all those wonderful smells and still not have dinner on the table. An hour later and a totally from scratch chicken pot pie was on the table.

I did not remember, in the middle of making the pie dough, that my wooden rolling pin was out of commission. I would never cringe at the thought of using that rolling pin on our food, conjuring into my head memories of my dear hubby using it to roll new vinyl tiles in our old bathroom back in MO. Nope. Kitchen tools are for the kitchen, folks. I would definitely have told him to go get himself a floor roller. As I was saying, I did not find myself without a floor rolling pin…so there was no need to sneak down to the basement and snag the kids’ green plastic play-dough rolling pin. And even if I had, play-dough is non-toxic, right?

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