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Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday


It’s not Monday. And I’m not me (grin).

I did not stop of 26 minute video on the Wright brothers 6 times and back it up because some child or another made annoying noises and set the 6-year-old off on her “I can’t hear” crying jag. It did not take us over 45 minutes to watch the video. Nope. Definitely not.

The baby did not climb up the side of her playpen, grab a school book off a book shelf and proceed to tear up the back cover, all while I had my back turned, teaching the other kiddos about internal combustion engines. I am thankful there are no library books on that shelf (wink).

The 4-year-old did not ask, nay, demand on at least 7 occasions to be allowed to play a computer game during school time. My children are much more polite than that, they would never continually ask me for something that I’ve already said no to. And I’m not forced to deny games to the 4-year-old because any time he plays a game on the computer, the 2 older children are not haplessly drawn like magnets to the computer screen, helpless to focus on anything else. The computer is not the bain of my existence (sigh). It’s a valuable tool that we use with wisdom and restraint.

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