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Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday: Confessions of a Coupon Junkie


I did not buy 8 cans of evaporated milk, because they were on sale. And I had coupons that were doubled, making them 50 cents a can. Even if they don’t expire until next year, what would I do with 8 cans of evaporated milk? Anybody got an awesome fudge recipe?

I have never filled the “deli” drawer with bricks of cheese (to bursting), after getting an awesome buy one get one free deal, and then using $1/2 coupons. And then watched as the kiddos consumed all the said cheese in less than 2 weeks.

I would never buy 3 quarts of plain vanilla yogurt with an expiration date a week a way and then proceed to use yogurt in every way I could think of to make sure I used it up. I think I’m going to hunt up the yogurt making recipe I have.

I do not scan the meat section at my local grocery store, seeking only the packages of meat that have been marked down because their date is coming, and snag all the packages of boneless chicken breasts that work out to less than a $ a pound.

My freezer is not full of pierogies (did you know you can get them with spinach and feta?), kielbasa, veg, and pounds of unsalted butter.

My cupboard is not so full that I have boxes of ziploc bags (buy one get one free and $1/2 coupon) stuffed on top of it.

What kind of deals have you made lately?

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