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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Playback

Last week, Mary continued to make strides in reading and has mastered telling time to the hour and half hour.

David has mastered over 50% of his addition and subtraction facts. His handwriting continues to improve and he stills tears through books at break-neck speed. He created a comic book entitled “Death Raiders, Vol. 1.”

Peter created 3 comic books, a complete series, call “Monster Hunters”! The only way to experience one of Peter’s comic books is to have him “read” it to you, he adds in all the special effects and really throws himself into it---it’s like 3-D movie with surround sound. He will not allow me to record it, though, so I’m doing my best to save it in my long-term memory so I can remember the boy he was when he’s a man. Or even when he’s ten.

We finished our unit on Dolphins and learned about echolocation. The kiddos even tried to echolocate by clicking their tongues while blindfolded. Not easy to do with with a 4-year-old and toddler “helping.”

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  1. Enjoyed this, because it so reminds me of years first four are now graduated and on their own, and the last two are ten years this was fun to read and go down memory path.

  2. Thank you.:-) When you're in the thick of things, it's hard to remember sometimes how fleeting these moments really are.


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