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Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday PlayBack

I’ve always meant to do a week in review post on Fridays to share what we’ve been learning…but by the time Friday rolls along, my mind is already on the weekend plans and organizing for the next week. Blogging is no longer on my radar. After a few days a blog silence, I’m just bursting with things to say…so here’s a playback of some highlights from last week.

We continued to learn about dolphins, using a unit study by Gwen Nicodemus. We learned about dolphins’ teeth, diet and digestion.

We continued to read about the life of composer Robert Schumann, using the composer set I reviewed from Zeezok.

Mary started learning how to tell time, beginning with full hours and half hours. She also aced the 1st chapter test of the 1st grade Math Mammoth worktext.

David is learning to measure angles and how to figure the number of degrees of each section if you divide a circle into equal parts. He’s also shoring up his math facts.

Mary is reading more and more. Nothing is safe. She’s got the, if it’s got words I gotta read it thing happening (yeah!).

Daddy finished reading our read-aloud: Lord of the Rings!

And we spent a whole lot of time enjoying the incredible spring weather.

emsilly davidandmary kidsplayground031710 043Ok, so we spent more time outside than cooped up inside. How cool is that?

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