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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Em Adorable!

emma trouble 001

The youngest does get away with way more than the oldest.

emma trouble 002 She also seems way cuter doing it than the oldest did.

emma trouble 003 Why is that?

emma trouble 006BK (Before Kids), my hubby had a theory that by the time the 3rd or 4th kid came around, the parents were just plum worn out…too worn out to care.

emma trouble 007 There is some truth in that.

emma trouble 008 There’s just no way I’m going to wash the kitchen towels every time the baby throws them on the floor.

emma trouble 009 Not with mountains of laundry already staring me in the face.

emma trouble 010 And if it’s not bad enough to wash the towels over…

emma trouble 011 …is it worth scolding the baby over?

emma trouble 012 Not when she’s so stinkin’ cute!

emma trouble 014 But, here’s the thing.

emma trouble 018 This would have driven me crazy when the oldest was a baby,

emma trouble 020 …but here I am taking pictures of Emma doing it …

emma trouble 022 …and loving it and posting it on my blog for all the world see.

Why is that?

The world hasn’t changed that much, but my perspective of it sure has. I know some things now that I didn’t know then. I know a baby can’t learn in a cage. And that she’s not a nuisance, but a blessing. And that babyhood is not just a phase to wait out, but a treasured moment you can never hold firmly in your grasp. Watching her interact with her environment is thrilling. A little messy sometimes. OK, very messy most of the time. But it’s a part of her becoming her own person. And that’s thrilling.

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  1. LOL Too cute! I miss that age!!! Happy WW!

  2. Very true. I swore that wouldn't be me; that I would be as laid back with the 1st as with the others. But I wasn't. Happy WW!

  3. "a treasured moment" Thanks for sharing this. I closed the laptop earlier after reading this and enjoyed some treasured moments with my own kiddos outside.

  4. Fabulous! I wish my attitude was always so positive:-).

  5. I've been like that since the first gotta let them learn. My house is a WRECK most of the time...but we have fun! :)

  6. Yes, I think that the parents are just too tired. Well that and we now realize how quickly they grow up and are more ready to enjoy each and every second of babyhood.

  7. They grow up so fast--We just don't appreciate that with the oldest. My baby is 9 and I miss those toddler days!


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