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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Babies Are Coming...

Does that sound like the newest twisted horror flick? Ok, you can uncover your eyes, this is a family-friendly blog. Nothing to see but adorable babies doing all the super cute things that babies do to win your heart.

As a BzzAgent I was asked (in exchange for a chance to win a prize pack) to spread the Bzz on this upcoming film about 4 wee ones from 4 very different parts of the world.

How small the world seems. I can see my own kiddos in these dear ones. Bless them!


  1. I adore this preview and have been watching it regiously on youtube for the past couple months. Too bad we don't live closer for a girls night to see the flcik. I doubt I can talk Mike into this one...

  2. My kiddos love the preview as much as I do:-). Maybe we can arrange something, though that will be a very busy time for us.


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