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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WFMW: The Family Bakery


Who says you can’t close school for the day and open a bakery instead? Every once in a while (ok, way more than once in a while) I need to remind myself that I’m raising children, not stuffing filing cabinets full of information. And part of raising children is giving them the skills they need to be adults…not just “productive” adults in the workplace, but adults capable of making it out there in that big, wide world. David will eventually need to manage his own time and Mary will eventually need to be able bake cookies for her own children (I hope).

So Monday, David was in charge of his own learning

2010 003and Mary baked!

Take a look at what she wrote on her hat (click on the pic):

2010 010 ("The chef is Mary and Mommy")

Isn’t that precious?

And the bakery is open!

2010 008 We made Snickerdoodles, Coconut-Chocolate Chip drop scones, Cinnamon rolls, Cinnamon-Oatmeal muffins, and french bread.

Here’s a little measuring tip for your aspiring baker: place the measuring cup in a bowl (see first pic) and have your angel spoon the flour (or sugar or whatever) into the measuring cup and then use the back of a butter knife to level it off into the bowl---no flour-coated kitchen. An apron is good, too, though Mary's has disappeared, so she wore an old jumper over her clothes.

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  1. Looks delicious. How do I get some? I'm glad you closed school for baking. We did that one day in December and then took cookies to a bunch of neighbors in walking distance. She doesn't just need to bake cookies for her kids, she can do it now to bless others. Looks like she already knows what she's doing.

  2. This is adorable! What a fabulous idea!!

    Mrs. White

  3. This looked like a fun day. My little chef is 2 1/2 and the big boy is 8 but not interested in anything but the finished product. Looks like this was a fun day!
    Julie K

  4. My 4-year-old son usually gets in on the baking, too. It was fun, and Mary felt very important making food for the family.


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