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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Simple Life

Sometimes I need to be beaten over the head. I really am hard-headed. I’m amazed that my husband has not given up on me in despair. You see, I am a die-hard packrat. Giving up those little things that might get used some day is a painful experience. Chalk it up to childhood insecurity if you want, but I’m not longer a child and it’s time to get real and grow up. Life is not about stuff, but about living. And let’s face it, giving up a box full of paper scraps and various odds and ends that I might use some day is not the end of the world.

Yesterday we visited with some friends who also have 4 kiddos about the same age as our own. Now, granted, they probably straightened up the homestead a bit before company arrived, but I was utterly amazed at the sense of order and simplicity in their household. There was no clutter or stacks of stuff in need of a home. And I realized that I crave that order and simplicity. In my heart of hearts I already knew that, but this was a bit like a day of reckoning---a large part of why we are not totally unpacked is simply because I don’t want to unpack. There’s a mad desire to just give away the stuff unseen. I know I can’t really do that…there’s some important stuff mixed in with the trifles. But the task is simply overwhelming, I can’t wrap my head around it. So it doesn’t get done. But this is something that I need to do for me and for my family.

So, while my relationship with the Lord and my family still head the top of my resolutions, I have a new all important priority for this month: to be free forever of all the stuff we don’t need or really want. I’ll start with the boxes remaining, one box at a time. Maybe I even post about some of the carp (that’s not a typo, but our adult code word in this house) I find while I’m at it.


  1. I'm there with you! I try to take a bag of donations a week to the thrift store, and once a week I grab a trash bag and walk around the house filling it.

    I hate piles, I hate clutter, and it has taken over my house.

    Let me know how you do. We can motivate each other. The weather has been crummy, so I have two bags and a box to donate this week (since I couldn't make the run last week). How about you?

  2. Sorry to hear you've got clutter woes too:-)

    I've been freecycling some stuff and of course before we moved we gave away TONS of stuff, some of it furniture, mainly to people we knew who were in need but also to the local thrift store.

    This morning Chris informed the children that we need to give away some things...Mary, bless her, filled 2 files boxes plus some stuff that wouldn't fit in a box to give away! The boys were not so interested. We are planning to reward her in some way to try to show the boys how important it is to help with this project.

    I plan to post on this subject periodically, with pictures, but I refuse to do before pictures!

  3. Hi! I need to do this also, but I'm in over my head on some other stuff. I did see that Mrs. Moneysaver is doing a "Junk It 2010" thing also:)


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