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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who Controls the Remote?

Those of you who know me pretty well know that we don't watch TV around here. Nope, we are too refined for regular broadcast television or even cable with all its commercials, scantily clad babes, inappropriate language, kids dissin' their parents and so on...we are much too enlightened and cultured to allow that tackiness to infiltrate the fine impressionable minds of our precious kiddos. With the aid of our VCR/DVD combo we are able to watch timeless classics such as Gamera vs. Monster X. Oh yes, and let us not forget King Kong vs. Godzilla.

What is the tackiest thing your husband ever watched with your kiddos?


  1. Well I have to say that you all are better at this than us-the tackiest thing? Gotta be South Park, yes, it is true. Ugh. He just isn't too concerned by it all-and I have to admit I tend to be lax too-but our kids are way older than yours. When they were little we monitored it much better. Kinda hard to tell a 21 yold or 19 yold what they can and cannot watch. I try to pull the 8 year old upstairs with me to avoid him seeing this junk. Tackiest family show? Gotta be Lost in Space-we love it-even tho they are dressed like clowns in wild colored outfits, Will's parents frequently don't believe a word he says and the mother is like a domestic zombie. It is the Robot we love-and so yes, that is our tackiest show ever. I think. LOL

  2. Lost in Space! It's a crying shame what they did to that when they tried to make a movie. So much of the TV I saw growing up is probably totally wrong for kids and look I'm ok, right (smirk).


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