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Monday, December 7, 2009

What WILL They Think Up Next?

NotMyChildMondaySIDEBAR180x180 My 4-year-old so did NOT draw a picture of a guy pottying (leaving nothing to the imagination).

I definitely did NOT laugh out loud (I’m way more mature than that), while his Daddy explained that this was inappropriate and that we would have to throw it away.

I did NOT glue-stick a very opaque piece of orange paper over the offensive artwork so that we could save the picture on the back side.

I did NOT make a full serving of oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins for this same child only to have him take 2 bites and announce “All my throats are full!”

The kiddos are NOT dive-bombing Mary’s wooden dollhouse with Lego fighter jets, nor are they using the interior of the dollhouse as a flying obstacle course.

Oh, and my oldest most assuredly did NOT just yell “Don’t SPIT on me!”

So, how’s YOUR morning?

Now head on over to MckMama’s NOT Me Monday blog carnival and find out what others are NOT doing today.


  1. I really lol about the picture. That is hysterical.

  2. He wouldn't even eat the oatmeal with all that yummy stuff in it??? Bummer! I bet I know who ate his leftovers :)


  3. ha ha! That is the picture to KEEP! Not throw away! Love it!

  4. Yeah, I would almost do that (maybe in my own private file:-), but afraid it would send the wrong message---memories will have to be good enough.


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