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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Teach in Brilliant Color!

OK, I admit it, I tend to be a tightwad when it comes to school supplies, buying the cheapest off-brand available. But I'm learning my lesson. Cheapo watercolors aren't as brilliant and don't last as long. No-name crayons are a pale imitation of Crayola. Store pencils? Don't even bother using the eraser unless you want pink smears across your paper. But dry erase markers...they're all the same, right?

I've always been satisfied with my plain Jane black (sometimes red or blue). I had no idea how many colors EXPO dry-erase markers come in! Brilliant colors, worthy of any artbox---it's going to be hard to keep the kiddos from commandeering these and I'm already seeing some cool possibilities...don't be surprised if dry-erase markers appear in the next Tuesday's Toolbox. This 16 pack retails for around $20, not bad at all, just a little over $1 per marker

And you've got to have something to wipe your board off---I admit the tissues and paper towels I've used are more than a little wasteful. But won't a cloth get dirty real fast and spend all it's time in a pile laundry? This EXPO wiping cloth is no wimp, it's a whopping 13" x 14"! We'll see how long we can use it before it takes it's first trip to the washer. Retails for around $5.

And finally, a solution to my amazing disappearing caps, yes! The EXPO "Click" comes in both fine-point and fat chisel-tip. Super easy to use and no cap to lose! Get a 3-pack of chisel-tips for about $6 or a 3-pack of fine tips for about $5.

All of the markers are low-odor, so no chemical induced headaches.

Now that I've got these EXPO products into my sweaty little hands, let's put them to the test...Do they really last longer than the el cheapo dry-erase products I normally buy? And do the colors maintain their brilliance? And how well do their tips resist the squashing tendency of a 4-year-old? Stay tuned to find out.

I received a free sample pack from EXPO including the EXPO Microfiber Dry-Erase Cleaning Cloth, EXPO 16 Pack of Low-Odor Chisel Dry Erase Markers, EXPO 3-pack of Low-Odor Retractable Chisel-Tip Dry Erase Markers, and EXPO 6-pack of Low-Odor Retractable Fine-Point Dry Erase Markers.

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