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Monday, December 28, 2009

Me? Noooo, Not Me!


We did receive a Wii for Christmas.

My fitness age is not 58!

I am a killer batter, I hit every ball out of the park…my baseball skill is seconded only to my tennis prowess. You will not catch me tripping over my size 10s trying to decide whether this volley warrants a backhand.

I did not neglect to take a single picture of anybody or anything on Christmas or Christmas Eve. I would never decide to rely on my less than stellar memory to see those moments in my mind when I have the perfect opportunity to capture them all on digital media (insurance!) and share it with the world…I’m definitely not that selfish or ill-prepared to deal with crazy little people ripping through packages at the rate of 5 a minute and trying to run upstairs to check on the stuffing because I’m definitely not crazy enough to think I can cook upstairs and watch presents downstairs at the same time.

I did not forget to put the homemade cranberry sauce on the table until after everyone had already filled their plates. There is not an inherited family trait where all the women forget to put the cranberry sauce on the table until the last minute every year.

And we definitely did have a wonderful Christmas Day, beginning with a lovely Mass and a whole day spent with treasured family.

Tidings of good will and peace to all, happy 4th day of Christmas!

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