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Monday, December 21, 2009

It is NOT 4 Days Before Christmas

I do not still have to do all my grocery shopping for Christmas dinner---our van did not break down last week leaving us with inadequate transportation for our family of 6 and it did not just snow 18" over the weekend, and totally did not ruin my proposed schedule for getting the shopping done..
I did not just put up the Christmas tree last night---and it is not still surrounded by moving boxes.
I do not still have to buy wrapping paper.
I do not have to wait on any gifts coming form Amazon this week (and I did not sign up for the free Prime trial to purchase a few gifts that I put off until the very last minute to get).

I did not let my kiddos play in the before mentioned snow in their sneakers (and Mary did not lose the same shoe 3 times in snowdrifts yesterday) and their snow boots have not inexplicably disappeared in the black hole of moving boxes.
And my foyer is definitely not draped in towels, drying snow pants and shoes.

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  1. sounds like you are one busy momma! hope you have a wonderful week and get everything done that you need to. our van just broke down and it was not fun. :(


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