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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Best Laid Plans?

A few days ago I decided to try to do a “formal,” frame-able group portrait of the kiddos to give to the grands for Christmas. So, one sunny morning I had them all change into their Sunday best, opened all the window shades in my bedroom to let the light stream in and set up the bed as a backdrop. Everybody got on the bed. And then the fun started.


portraits 006

portraits 013

I got plenty of pictures, just not quite the look I was going for. And my nice smooth elegant looking backdrop very quickly turned into an unmade bed. The baby also decided that she didn’t like her dress and that she was hungry. Oh, and the other kiddos decided it was more fun to poke and squeeze each other and make funny faces.

So much for my plans. Later on, after everybody was back in their play clothes and feeling more themselves, I took some individual portraits.

emma peter smile portraits 007 portraits 009 I think I’m going to make a collage.

And I learned something. Things go much better if I don’t insist on them going MY way. A little humility will get you far. This is true in anything and a lesson I hope to pass on to my children.


  1. A very true lesson indeed. Great pics, btw! I found you from the NaBloPoMo site--I am a homeschool grad, so your blog name caught my eye!

  2. Oh, I have had so many experiences like this with photo shoots! I have one or two who persistently seem to be "camera shy!" The others are hams, though! LOL! Yes, a little humility as well as less insistence on having things "mom's way" goes a long way many days!


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