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Thursday, December 31, 2009

As We Say Good-Bye to 2009...

...whew! It's been an eventful year! What wild or wonderful things have happened to your family this year?

Our year in review:
  • We began the year in northwest Missouri
  • I am asked to participate in the TOS Homeschool Crew's 2nd year
  • Hubby accepts a job at a University in Maryland
  • Emma is born
  • My grandmother (in Maryland) has a stroke and is moved to a nursing home
  • Emma and I fly to Maryland to visit with my grandmother
  • A mad dash to de-clutter our kid infested house to put it on the market by June
  • A car trip from Missouri to Maryland with the 4 kids (with a stop with friends in St. Louis)
  • The van's transmission goes 40 minutes from our final destination
  • We spend thousands of dollars getting our 10-year-old van working again and capable of passing Maryland inspection
  • We live with hubby's dear parents for 2 months (Yes, they are still talking to us, in fact they sat for the kids last night!)
  • We rent a house
  • Soccer gets rained out all except for 5 sessions, we miss one of those due to an injury, one due to illness, and one due to the amazing disappearing shin guards
  • Grandma passes away unexpectedly
  • Our money-pit van dies on the way to church and we give it to the mechanic as scrap to pay for the diagnostic bill
  • We are able to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family!
  • We are (hopefully) buying a new (to us) van today
  • At the end of the year, our house is still not sold, but we are hopeful it will be soon
It seemed like more when we were living it! Happy New Year, everyone!

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