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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another False Start

So, we get the kiddos all bundled up and ready to go to church and then on to Grandma's house for the day, pull out of the driveway then about 2 minutes down the road the transmission goes---no drive gears at all, only reverse or park. This would be the same 10 year old van that took thousands of dollars to make road worthy (and capable of passing Maryland inspection) a few short months ago.

I am thankful that it happened so close to home so we were able to walk home (in the rain, but we all had our hooded coats on!) and not on the highway or somewhere else where we would have been stranded or could have had a serious accident.

I am thankful we have another car for dear hubby to drive to work. It will not hold our family of 6, but we can get around that in the meantime.

Please pray with me for an affordable repair on the car or, failing that, a really killer deal on a used car.


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