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Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

I am so not going to let my 4-year-old use scissors unsupervised just so I can type this post...after all, the last time he did that a "ghost" cut up the shorts he was wearing (that would be the same ghost the dismantled his brother's Lego ships). And my 8-month-old is not tearing up my 9-year-old's Lego magazine. And I definitely did not just rescue a library book from her mouth...or a hairy carpet bunny out of her fingers...or the computer cords from her drooly grasp. There are not piles of kid drawings sliding surreptitiously off of numerous horizontal surfaces of my kitchen, such that I have to move said piles in order to, say toast some bread in the toaster oven. Oh, and my 9-year-old did not label my 5-year-old's paper doll's underwear "Fruit of the Loom," nor did my 4-year-old draw a dragon wearing a diaper. My life is not ruled by my children, really.

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