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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Are you up to the challenge?

Fellow blogger Michelle over at Delightful Learning has put together an Instant Challenge Meme. Each week will bring a new timed problem for the kiddos to work together as a team and solve, stretching their imaginations and reasoning skills. For more info about the meme and to read about inspiration behind the challenges, check out Michelle's Instant Challenge intro post.

The first challenge is bridge building! This is a topic we have messed a lot with in the past, but with a new twist: you have to build the bridge with index cards in 5 minutes! You can read about the bridge builder challenge and download complete instructions here. We did make a slight change and added an initial 2 minute brainstorming period where the kiddos could come up with ideas and discuss plans before the 5 minute construction stage.

bridge The hardest part of this challenge for David was allowing his little sis to take an active part. Ultimately, they got it together though.

bridge1 And were very proud to have finished building with a minute to spare.

bridge2 The bridge collapsed under the first weight (our standard weight for bridge building is quarters, since they are uniform, safe and handy in our spare change bowl---the challenge actually calls for large nails), sending them back to the drawing board.


I allowed them to use their 2 minute testing period to improve the bridge and retest.

bridge4An improved deck brought them up to 4 weights! Their bridge got them a 55 point score. Congratulations kiddos!


  1. I love the brainstorming time - I am adding that to the challenge for sure. Their bridge looks great and I love the high-five - that's the spirit of team work! Thanks for joining up!

    I will have my post with a linky up Sunday night, so you can link up then!

  2. Wow! Your bridge held a lot of weight!


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