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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review: StudyPod by Genio

Sometimes I don’t have enough hands, but until I grow a couple of extra arms that fold up into my armpits when I’m not using them, the StudyPod is a handy item to have in my schoolroom.

The StudyPod, opens up to reveal a shelf and 2 wire arms that hold the pages of your book in place. Genio recommends the product for books of any size up to 2.25” thick.

studypod 004The “Pod” holds your book upright at a slight angle---no more neck strain from compressed vertebrae while bending over your book. Bookweights work, but you end up bending over your book, hard to do if you need to keep the book out of a little one’s reach and impossible to do if you’re trying to type.

studypod 001

It also works well to hold copy for typing or for doing copywork. I like it for those read-alouds when I’m feeding the baby. Cookbook holders work, but tend to be hard to store when not in use. The StudyPod is quite compact and can easily be put away or stowed in a bag for transport.

Other features:

  • The wire arms swivel and adjust to stay in the margins of your pages.
  • Pages can be turned with one hand.
  • there’s a pocket to hold your study essentials: pencils, highlighters, you could even tuck in a calculator if you like.
  • The whole shebang folds up neatly like a book to fit on your bookshelf.

I do have a few qualms about this product:

  • It may not hold up over the long-term: plastic rubbing against metal parts tends to break down over time
  • It does not hold large, thin paperbacks well (much of my curriculum fits into this category)---if the length and width dimensions are greater than the Studypod’s, the wire arms put too much force on the margins of the paper, causing the pages to flip out. The same is true with thicker paperbacks if you are towards the beginning or end of the book. While you could flip the arms further into the page, this would obscure the part you are reading and make it harder to turn the pages.
  • The tips of the wire arms leave impressions on the pages---I’d be hesitant to use this on valuable or older books.

Overall, a worthwhile tool with a few limitations.

Available from Genio:

This review is part of the TOS Homeschool Crew review program. For more reviews of this product by other homeschoolers, visit the TOS Homeschool Crew blog.


  1. Hey, we use a clear cookbook holder for our art book. It takes take up space for storage, but the desing allows even the smallest books to be held. My MIL got it at Marshall's or TJMAXX.

    Can you email me again. I don't seem to have you email.

  2. Yep, I've heard of those. Can you turn the pages one-handed? A bookholder is not actually something I was looking for, I just happened to received one for review:-) But I do see the value in them.


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