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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wanna buy our house?

As promised, here are photos of our wonderful home ready to show, woohoo! If you know of anyone looking for a home in the Maryville, MO area, please refer them to this blog entry.

For lots more photos (including exteriors...sorry, it has been raining a lot here lately) and info on this house, check out and search for mls #1110.

I have to say my home has never looked this good...maybe we should stay (wink).
Here is our awesome 12' x 15' kitchen:

This house was built in 1880 and a kitchen this size is virtually unheard of in a house that least around here. The smooth-top range and refrigerator were new in January 2005.

Check out that huge pantry cabinet to the right of the refrigerator. If you go through the door to the left of it, you'll find a floor to ceiling cabinet with 2 foot deep shelves on your left (you could lose a lot of stuff in there) and the basement stairs to your right. The door at the far right in the picture lead to our back stairs to the second floor (that's right, built in fire escape and excellent for boyhood adventures).

The master bedroom (13' x 15'):

The living room (13' x 15'):

The 3rd bedroom (8.5' x 16.5'):

The upstairs bathroom:


  1. wonderful home!! hope all goes well~and you sell fast~come on buyers!!

  2. You have a flat-screen TV? Sweet!

    You're home is so pretty. Nice kitchen!

  3. There's an interesting story behind that flat screen...and it has to do with a rambunctious then 8-year-old jumping across the room of our 1880 house (translation, slightly uneven, slightly bouncy floors) directly in front of the CLOSED armoir that was holding our old (extremely front heavy) picture tube set...ahem:-)

  4. Hello from a TOS Crew member.
    What a beautiful home.
    We live in Iowa and my husband travels to MO for his job. Every other week he stays one night in Maryville! Sadly, we can not relocate there!

    Praying for a quick sale,


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