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Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's Sing About the Bible

Looking for something to play for the kiddos on those long car trips that's fun, educational and guaranteed to be unoffensive? Give Bible Story Songs a try. I recently received for review The Bible CD, a full hour of songs about the Bible and what it's all about. The CD contains 32 tracks, each only a couple of minutes long, including songs to help memorize the books of the Bible (both new and old testament).

The CD is of professional quality and the songs are performed by a choir of children, with each song being introduced by a child giving a short intro or "blurb." Sound-wise, the quality is good, with the exception being an obvious difference in volume between the intros and the songs themselves ( the intros can be a little hard to hear). The songs are not gimmicky and there are no electric guitars or anything like that. It can be difficult to make out the words if you are in a room with a lot of background noise (emanating from your own children, for instance), but the CD comes with a booklet containing all the words to the songs so you can follow along. There is also sheet music available.

Let me say that these are light, airy songs, nothing profound or particularly enlightening. They may serve well as an aid to memory for certain Bible verses, and if you want your children to learn the names of the books of the Bible in order, they can help with that, too. My children were not particularly interested in the songs and I personally found that they kind of disappeared into the background, but then perhaps we've been ruined by listening to too much of The Beatles and Louis Prima:-)

One note: The creators do not state they are of a particular denomination, nor could I find a mention of what Bible translation they are working from. For more info in this line, see their about us page.

The CD sells for $9.99 and there are volume discounts available. There are also other CDs available, including Moses, Matthew, and David.

To see more reviews of these CDs, click the banner below:

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