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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Make Math Amusing!

The November module for the Schoolhouse Planner is out: Amusing Mathematics. It's available from the Old Schoolhouse Store for $7.95. While the modules are designed so they can be used with the planner, they are actually stand-alone unit studies. This 48 page e-book is full of activities you can add to spice up your math studies and make them more amusing. Within its pages you will find:
  • 14 pages of copywork, including quotes from Einstein and Galileo, and number writing practice for little ones with little rhymes to remind them of how to form the numbers
  • 2 cool weather recipes
  • 4 coloring pages
  • addition and multiplication drills
  • fun math jokes and riddles
  • different currencies from around the world
  • multiplication table practice and charts for multiplication families form 1 to 12
  • a Sudoku challenge
  • how to make your own pattern blocks and tangrams
  • a few cool math tricks to impress your friends
  • a list of websites for more resources
  • and more!
If you have a reluctant math student, like I do, you'll appreciate the variety of activities listed here, and many are appropriate for multiple age groups.

Admittedly, there is nothing included in this module that I haven't encountered elsewhere and the riddles are as old as the hills, but it is nice to have it in one nice little package on my hard-drive instead under a dozen different bookmarked websites. It's ready to be taken out and printed as I wish on a rainy (or snowy) day. To order your pdf and have immediate access, click here.

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