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Friday, October 3, 2008

A Model Colosseum

"To introduce the Romans,
that's what I'm here to do.
So it really makes me happy
to build a model for YOU...

(Can you tell we've been watching the Muppet Show lately?!?)

This model can be downloaded from Canon Creative Park.

Mom: "Never again!"

Next time I will pick a much easier/simpler model to build. See the levels inside? Each level consists of 4 strips that need to be curved and a seemingly infinite number of tiny triangular tabs to fold...We are studying Ancient Rome and so I thought this would be fun...but very complicated for small hands (and big hands, too).

I don't want to turn you off from Creative Park, though, they have dozens and dozens of models to choose from and they vary in difficulty (I wish they gave a difficulty rating:-). Everything from architectural models like this one to science models, like a sundial and a globe that you can open to see the layers of the the earth's crust. Next time I'll just take a closer look at the pieces and the instructions before I actually print it out.


  1. That is very cool! I will have to try this for my son, who is 11. He would really like making something like this.

  2. Hi,
    I found your link yesterday when looking for the Colesseum or Pisa, it's the first time I'd visited Creative Park- pinned! I just wanted to pass on my tip as maybe it could help in the future- we always use double sided sticky tape NEVER glue on such models. It means that you have much more control, you don't have to wait for drying time and you don't get stuck to the model. We made Pisa last night and it is amazing. Thanks again

    1. Glue would be a nightmare for some of these paper models (takes forever to dry for one thing and little kids end up with it all over their fingers). I avoid glue whenever I can.


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