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Monday, September 8, 2008

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Here's a free resource you may not yet be familiar with:

Each day Monday through Friday of each week they have a new 100% free homeschool resource. Some are e-books, some are audio books or radio program recordings, and occasionally there will be a link to downloadable software...Today's free download is a classic 1951 recording of Pinocchio featuring Mel Blanc. They have also included some coloring pages to accompany it.

Some of the resources offered here are free all the time somewhere on the web (if you can find them), like the Westpoint Bridge Designing software they linked to awhile back. But this is great program and I never would have chanced upon it myself, so Kudos to the Erskine family for bringing it to my attention! Some of the resources are things you would pay real money for elsewhere, like the Star Spangled State Book by Knowledge Quest which I missed (boo-hoo).

If you want a "Heads-Up" on what to expect for the coming week, sign up for the newsletter. It will arrive every Monday, often with free resources available only to newsletter subscribers.

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