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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beaded Bookmarks

Here's a sneak peak at the project we will be doing at our next Knights of Columbus Ladies' Auxiliary meeting. Really easy if you are looking for a quick project to make with your kids for a fundraiser or even for Christmas gifts. If there's any interest, I can post instructions, but you crafty souls out there can probably figure it out...


  1. Pretty! Where do you buy the beads and what do you use for the string?

  2. The easiest string to use is waxed linen. You can buy on a spool at a craft store in the beading section. It usually comes in white, black, brown, and natural. I used natural hemp and braiding cord (similar to the linen, but thicker, not waxed, and it comes in colors). Only trouble with the braiding cord is you can't string bead with tiny holes (most pearls, semi-precious stone beads, etc). I waxed the ends of my string with a block of beeswax (keeps it from fraying and firms it up so it's easier to string). As for the beads, I used what I had (Once upon a time I used to string rosaries and chaplets...let's just say I'm a Bead Queen). The one on top is acrylic beads from a huge kit I got on clearance (Mary loves to make beaded necklaces) mixed with metal spacers, the middle one is an assortment of glass and metal beads and the bottom one is semiprecious stone beads with metal spacers. Hobby lobby is good for beads...they often have 50% off sales. And did you know that you can get an educator's discount card at Joann Fabrics?


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