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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Raising Expert Readers, a review of Apologia’s Readers in Residence

Your child has progressed past phonics, past developing reading fluency, and he’s even pretty good at comprehending anything and everything…what’s next for kids in the middle grades who like to read for enjoyment, but are not quite ready to delve deeply into the Greek tragedies or Shakespeare’s myriad allusions? Readers in Residence Volume 1 (Sleuth) from Apologia Educational Ministries might be just the thing. I recently had the opportunity to try out and review this brand new program with my 5th grader.

readers in residence review at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Monday, April 17, 2017

Free Emily Dickinson Poetry Copywork: “There is no Frigate like a book”


no frigate like a book-001

I’ve just uploaded brand new copywork pages for my subscribers to download of Emily Dickinson’s “There is no Frigate like a book.”

The 12 page file includes both print and cursive versions, as well as blank pages in different line sizes and configurations. Here’s a sample:

no frigate like a book page 1no frigate like a book page 2no frigate like a book page 3no frigate like a book 4

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Story of Pictures

I don’t know why I feel so busy lately. It seems as though I’m hardly getting anything done, and yet I feel like I’m rushing all the time. So we’ve been trying to slow down a bit for Holy Week. Spend quality time together. Stop running here and there. Take more pictures, just because. So let’s share some of those pictures from the past few weeks so they aren’t banished to the black hole better known as my hard-drive. Smile

Today the kids and I went out for a walk and I took this picture of them in “our” tree. The quality isn’t great (cheap, dumb phone camera), but I still love the way it came out:

A story of pictures---what we've been doing outside of homeschooling


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Color My Conversation, a review

Learn the Art of Social Language with Color My Conversation, review at Homeschooling Hearts & MindsIn a house full of extreme introverts with a bit of anxiety thrown in, conversation is a skill that doesn’t always seem to come naturally. Those awkward silences at social events can make getting together with friends a lot less enjoyable and can make it difficult to cultivate friendships. This is an area we continually struggle in, so I was thrilled when the opportunity to try out and review Color My Conversation by Northern Speech Services came up. 

Written by Rosslyn Delmonico, MA, RSLP, CCC-SLP, a Speech-Language Pathologist with over 35 years of experience, CMC is a social skills training program that uses hands on activities and colorful visuals to help kids connect with others in a meaningful and affirming way. After watching Ms. Delmonico’s videos explaining the how and why of her program, I couldn’t wait to try it out with my kids.